RV Repair

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RV Repair - Competitive Pricing

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Your recreational vehicle lets you make the most of your leisure time, providing you with the perfect balance of comfort and adventurous excitement as you cruise America from coast to coast. At Three Rivers Marine & RV Center LLC, we help you keep your vehicle out on the road with fast, efficient RV repair services.

The RV repair and modification work we provide includes the following:

Appliance Maintenance—Why drive an uncomfortable RV? We keep your heating and air conditioning systems in good working order, and install and repair water systems, kitchen appliances, gas systems, generators, and more.
Roof Repair and Replacement—Damage to your RV’s roof is serious business. We can repair water damage, and either replace or reinforce the roof on your vehicle to provide you with maximum safety and comfort.
Drivetrain Repair—We provide the RV repair services you need to keep your vehicle operational and safe, including engine and transmission repairs, break and suspension maintenance, electrical work, and more. Our technicians work on both diesel and gas engines.
Vehicle Inspections—We can help make sure your camper or trailer is in full compliance with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation regulations.
Vehicle Preservation—Three Rivers Marine & RV Center LLC provides shrink wrapping and winterization for recreational vehicles’ water systems to keep your vehicle in good working order. We also offer storage services for your RV during the offseason.
Trailers and Hitches—Make sure your trailer and your RV’s hitch are secure and fully functional. We provide maintenance work and installation to keep you, your vehicle, your load, and everybody else safe out on the road
Towing Services—We provide towing and relocation services for both RVs and campers. If your RV is broken down, we can help you bring it in to our shop, or anywhere else you would like it to go.

If you are an RV owner who lives in or is visiting the New Brighton, PA, area, let Three Rivers Marine & RV Center LLC handle your RV repair needs. Call us to schedule an appointment today!