Powerstroke Repair

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Powerstroke Repair - We Are Repair Specialist

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When you’re hauling a boat, make sure your truck has an engine that can handle the load. The technicians at Three Rivers Marine & RV Center LLC are the Powerstroke repair experts for Ford vehicles in New Brighton, PA. With our Powerstroke repair services, you can get the best performance out of your Ford truck or van.

Our qualified technicians can perform all of the Powerstroke repair work you need, including the following:

Tune Ups and Maintenance—Keep your Ford vehicle in peak working condition with frequent tune ups and maintenance from the team at Three Rivers Marine & RV Center LLC. We have the skills and components on hand that you need to get the work done quickly and dependably, and we are always ready to provide you with honest estimates and reliable advice.
Engine Rebuilding—If your engine needs a complete overhaul, come talk to us. We’re the local Powerstroke repair specialists, and we guarantee that when we’re through with your vehicle’s engine, it will be almost as good as new.

Common 6.0L/6.4L Problem Fixes:

•Computer Diagnostics
•Test for Correct Fuel and Oil System Readings (HPOP, LPOP, Fuel pressure etc...)
•FICM Voltage Testing
•Updated Headgaskets
•Updated Oil Cooler
•Updated 58volt FICM
•Turbo Service and Aftermarkets Available
•EGR & DPF Delete Kits Installed (off road use).


•ZF5, ZF6, 4R100, 5R110 Transmission Service & Rebuild
•Electronic & Manual 4x4 system
• Rear End
•Performance Transmission Updates

Internal Engine:

•Block & Head Decking
•Camshaft & Lifter Replacement
•Piston & Ring Replacement
•Complete engine Overhaul

When you need engine repairs for your Ford truck or van, bring it to the experts who specialize in Powerstroke repair. We work hard to ensure your vehicle is tough and powerful enough to meet the requirements of your work and your play. Call Three Rivers Marine & RV Center LLC to schedule service on your truck or van today.